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Surprising mistakes businesses make when outsourcing online advertising

In 2013, most businesses understand the risks associated with running search engine marketing campaigns in house. But equally true is that business have a full understanding of the value of reaching an audience online.

There are about 25,000 searches per month for Boulder, Colorado dentists, for example. At an approximate value of $1,000 per dental patient, even a small percentage of that traffic can generate a giant stream of revenue.

The massive problem is that pay per click is not static, it consumes time, it costs money and the learning curve is steep. So steep, in fact, that SEM management is a legitimate career path.

Most businesses that attempt search engine marketing on their own are taken to the ringers and lose serious cash. Generally, they run out of funds or motivation before they are able to tap in to the money making machine that is online advertising, conceding market share to their more savvy competition.

The barrier that stands in the way is understanding what to look for in an agency when businesses consider outsourcing their online advertising. This second barrier to success in the online advertising world is absolutely critical to get right. Chose the wrong agency and you are better off burning your cash. Chose the right agency and people won’t stop knocking at the door.

Top Mistakes

Hiring your business partner’s nephew’s one man shop.

An alarming amount of businesses hire someone who is young, in their personal network and not business savvy.

There is a weird thought out there that if someone is young, they know how to use the internet well and they know how to use it to make you money. While your nephew might be an internet connoisseur, assuming that means he can match or even surpass your business acumen by generating more sales online than you are capable of is wrong. His skills at HALO, however, might be unrivaled.

Hiring a massive, publicly traded corporation.

Large corporations have a perceived risk reduction in concerns to outsourcing online advertising. They have well known brands, compelling (and aggressive) sales forces, you can call their customer service department and yell at them over the phone if something goes wrong or if results are not as expected.

There are managers, there are managers who manage managers. Business owners often believe that hiring this type of corporation is the best way to reduce risk because these companies are ‘established’.

However, publicly traded companies have one, primary objective. It isn’t to make their clientele as much money as possible. It is to make their shareholders as much money as they possibly can. The businesses they work with may see some results, but they would see much more exciting and lucrative results if the corporation they worked with was not passing along their profit margin to their shareholders.

Do Hire A Private, Boutique Agency

Unlike one-man-shops and public companies, boutique agencies remained focus on their industry. They stay on top of trends, are quick to be proactive on their clients accounts and have sufficient infrastructure to make certain your account does not fall through the cracks.

There will be dedicated analysts on your account that have intimate knowledge of your goals. Unlike one man shops, they will have employees that only search for new business and employees that only work on SEM optimization.

Boutique agencies are incentivized to continually make their clients the most money that is possible instead of scraping away at client budgets to show their shareholders an extra $.005 per share on the next quarterly report. Which comes at an expense of several thousand dollars in potential new business to the clients they work with.

And simply put, boutique agencies simply afford their clients the best bang for their buck on online advertising. Aligning your business with a boutique agency is the primary option for anyone who is serious about generating revenue from the internet.

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