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Surprised or bound to happen: Drake, Chris Brown photo surfaces on Instagram

In a world where hip-hop artists are dismissing beef for beats and lyrics for life, it's no big surprise to see melodic rapper Drake and singer Chris Brown finally calling it a draw in their rivalry over pop artist Rihanna.

College basketball player Cliff Dixon drops not-so-subtle hints about Rihanna on Instagram.
College basketball player Cliff Dixon drops not-so-subtle hints about Rihanna on Instagram.
Internet Fair Use/Instagram
Chris Brown and Drake seen in July 2014 Instagram photo in a studio.
Internet Fair Use/Instagram

On Friday, a photo appeared on Drake's fan Instagram site with the two appearing to either listen to music or collaborating on a song. Longtime Drake fans can't help but remember the rapper's 2007 mixtape "Comeback Season" when he gave a salute to Chris Brown before all the back-and-forth bickering began.

"They like, 'Damn who's Drake, where's wheelchair Jimmy at?'
On my Chris Brown shit, I'm still here, gimme that"

While gossip mags and sites adamantly speculate over whether so-and-so is dating so-and-so because they took a photo together, Rihanna has neither confirmed or denied the new rumors about her dating college basketball player Cliff Dixon. Of course the dry snitching pics of Rihanna on his Instagram page can certainly lead to a reasonable assumption.

This guy may have the same way with words that Drake had or at least he has the ability to pick the best quotes for how to treat a woman. Relationship quotes from his Instagram page include:

"A nice body gets old. A pretty face gets old. But a good woman will always be a good woman."

This quote was posted before the Rihanna pictures.

"Knowing how to touch her without touching her really touches her."

This quote was posted after the Rihanna shots.

Regardless of what goes on between those two, the photo of Chris Brown and Drake will probably throw all kinds of shots but hopefully not at her. If there's one more thing that both R&B and hip-hop don't need it's another song lambasting the opposite sex.

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