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Surprise, more on Michael Muhney

Eric Braeden, Michael Muhney
Eric Braeden, Michael Muhney
radar online

Here we go again. Not 30 minutes after my last column this has arisen.

Today according to Radar Online, the site that ran the venomous interview with Eric Braeden (Victor Newman), reported that Michael Muhney is not allowed to speak out about allegation from Braeden, which “stunned” Muhney and many others”. He cannot speak about the incidents involving the alleged groping of co-star’s Hunter King (Summer) breasts

A source close to Muhney said: “Eric’s comments were off base and his version of events is very different from Michael’s.”

An insider told Radar, “It’s very frustrating that Eric made these remarks, because Michael has been ordered by Sony and CBS to not discuss anything about the show or cast. It is considered a personnel matter and both are prohibited by terms of their contracts from discussing it. The only ones abiding by those orders are Michael and Hunter. Michael is trying to move on from the alleged groping incidents, but it’s hard to do when his former co-stars are trash talking him.”

Unfair and wrong but we now have to wait for Michael and Hunter to be allowed to defend themselves and vultures like Mr. Braeden must be silenced also.