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Surprise a friend by hosting a puppy shower

Puppy shower is a great way to celebrate a new addition
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No, this isn’t about giving the puppy a bath! A puppy shower is the same thing as a baby shower, only you do it for someone who is expecting a new puppy. Yes, people really do this sort of thing. Do you know someone who is expecting puppies, or is about to adopt a new puppy? They are as excited as someone expecting a new baby.

By surprising a friend or family member with a puppy shower, you will let them know that you are as excited by the new addition to their family as they are. It is a fun and cute way to show your support of their enthusiasm. You can host a puppy shower with these easy steps.

Invite friends and family to the puppy shower: Print up some cute invitations or just call a few people on the phone, or send an event invitation through Facebook. You may want to limit the guests to pet lovers who will show their enthusiasm.

Decorate in appropriate colors for the puppy shower: if a friend or family member is adopting a puppy, they probably already know the gender. Perhaps they are just waiting on the puppy to get older. If they have a female who is about to deliver a litter or already has, you can mix and match colors.

Have fun with your theme. There are web sites that are dedicated to selling decorations for all kinds of pet related events. You can order from these sites, or browse them for ideas.

Add a list of puppy shower gift ideas to the invitations: Some people won't have a clue as to what they could buy for a puppy shower, or what it even is. Tell them it is just a fun way to support a friend who is getting a new puppy. Here are a few gift ideas:

Books related to puppy care, stuffed animals and puppy toys, small baby blankets, a gift certificate for a puppy wellness check at a local vet, food dishes with the puppies name on them, cute bejeweled collars and puppy bows, if it is a girl…

Well, you get the idea. Basically anything puppy related will be a welcome gift. It can get expensive to stock in everything a new puppy needs. Gifts can be anything from a simple doggie brush, to an expensive pet carrier, depending on how much you or your guests want to spend.

This is also a great way to get a new puppy well on its way to socialization. Have the friend bring the puppy to the shower. If it is a surprise, just ask them to bring the puppy over so you can see it. Everyone will "Oh and ah" over the puppy. Your friend will be happy that you did this for them and the puppy will enjoy the attention.

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