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Suri Cruise lost dog: Rescue Chihuahua squeezes out of gate in coyote country

Suri Cruise has lost her dog and the family is offering $1000 reward for its return. Anyone who has lost a dog knows the worry and sadness you go through until it comes back home. According to Perez Hilton on Aug. 27, that must be what little Suri is going through today.

Suri Cruise lost her new rescue dog!
YouTube screen shot

The Chihuahua, named Honey, is a rescue dog and from all accounts, a very well-loved dog in the home of Suri and her mom, Katie Holmes. Honey slipped out of the gate of their new Calabasas home when eight-year-old Suri was out with her mother in Beverly Hills visiting a friend.

The Times of India reports that Suri even put out a dog Amber alert on the pup. She picked out the pup from a Studio City rescue shelter earlier this month and its her new best friend. Honey weighs all of 10 pounds. The eight-year-old is keeping busy trying to find her lost friend.

The dog is new to Suri, after just rescuing the pooch two weeks ago, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less loved. Honey is not wearing a collar because the dog was in the pool with Suri before they left the house.

Katie and Suri are doing all the things that regular folks who lose their beloved dog tend to do. They are putting up posters with pictures of Honey all over the neighborhood with the hopes that someone will see her and bring her home. So far more than 50 posters have gone up with the mother and daughter team working hard to get the dog back.

That $1000 reward might do some enticing, but the dog went missing in the neighborhood that has residents with plenty of money, like Justin Bieber. Hopefully whoever finds Honey returns the dog so Suri won’t be without her beloved dog for much longer.

Reports of “lots of coyotes” in the area is a bit worrisome because that dog is so tiny. Hopefully someone already has the dog, but didn’t know who it belonged to because Honey had no collar.

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