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Suri Cruise: Best day ever for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter

Suri Cruise turns eight with the arrival of many gifts.
Suri Cruise turns eight with the arrival of many gifts.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Has Suri Cruise had her best day ever? Not likely, but she has now experienced the best day of her first eight years of life, according to her mother. Suri celebrated her eighth birthday at home with her mother on Friday, and she received a number of gifts for the big day. On April 19, Daily Mail shared photos of gifts arriving at the building where Katie and Suri live in New York City. There was no sign of Tom Cruise in any of the photos.

What did the young girl receive on her special day? Cupcakes, balloons, and more were a part of her birthday celebrations. Some of the items arrived at the front door of the building, and they were then delivered upstairs by the building staff. Suri is the only daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The couple have divorced, and Katie has retained custody of the young girl.

The little girl also received a special doll house as well. It was shown wrapped in plastic before it was taken upstairs to Katie's apartment. There was no sighting of either Katie or Suri on Friday, but Katie did post on her Twitter on Friday. It is she that called it the 'best day ever' to caption the cupcakes served for her daughter's birthday celebration.

What do you think of the birthday celebrations for the youngest Cruise?