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Surgically correcting breast asymmetry

Breast asymmetry can be corrected with surgical intervention.
Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images

Many may not be aware that breast asymmetry in women is quite common. Reasons for this can vary in relation to size or shape.

Women with significant breast asymmetry challenges may have a difficult time properly fitting into clothes, and of course, finding the right bras to wear. Above all, women may not feel comfortable with how they look and decide to seek the consultation of a San Diego plastic surgeon for correction.

Plastic surgeons specializing in breast surgery are the appropriate doctors to seek in cases such as this. They are afforded different techniques to help women achieve their aesthetic goals.

During a plastic surgery consultation, both the doctor and the patient will decide on the right breast size in relation to a woman’s body type. Also during this meeting, it may be determined whether or not the smaller breast needs more volume, and a larger breast, with less.

Discussions on breast lifts, augmentations, and others will be on the consultation protocol.

While there are many options to help treat existing breast asymmetry without implants, ultimately, using breast implants may very well help facilitate those options. And in many cases, it may help simplify the solution to correcting breast asymmetry.

To achieve an optimum result, surgeons specializing in breast surgery, may suggest treatment on both breasts to obtain a more perfect balance. The goal is to have the same volume and breast symmetry.

During a consultation, it’s important to be candid with the surgeon as well as taking the opportunity to ask an array of questions which have to do with breast asymmetry correction, the surgery, as well as the recovery portion.

When finding the right surgeon, remember to locate a San Diego plastic surgeon who is board certified.

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