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Surgery planned to repair deformed legs of dog left in too small of kennel

Meet Buck, an extremely sweet dog, who rescuers say spent years as a prisoner in an undersized kennel, until his legs bent as he grew.
Meet Buck, an extremely sweet dog, who rescuers say spent years as a prisoner in an undersized kennel, until his legs bent as he grew.
Noah's Arks Rescue

No one knows for sure what happened to Buck, a four-year-old stray pit bull who was found last month wandering down the road in Chester, S.C. by a Good Samaritan. His legs were grossly deformed and his body severely emaciated; and although the kind person who found Buck took him home and tried to help, the dog's injuries and open wounds were just too overwhelming.

Chester County Animal Control was called to pick up Buck, and after assessing the seriousness of his injuries, called Noah's Arks Rescue, a non profit organization that supplies emergency medical, surgical and rehabilitation to abused animals.

For the past month, the organization has been nursing Buck back to health, however after consulting with their orthopedic surgeon, the only way to repair the egregious damage to the dog's four legs will be through surgical intervention. Despite intensive physical therapy, the veterinarians determined Buck must have been kept in a kennel too small for him, and as he grew, his legs had no place to move, thus bending them into unnatural and excruciating painful positions.

Once Buck is physically strong enough, surgeons will gradually break his legs, and reset them with pins and fixtures enabling them to adjust and manipulate the bone positions as they heal.

Of Buck's disposition and his future, Noah's Arks Rescue states:

"Buck is the sweetest boy. I am always amazed at how an animal that has been tortured and locked away can still love and want to be around people. Even with his horrible gaping wounds, he would let everyone work on him without a whimper. Buck is going to make an incredible loving dog for some lucky Family. Since Buck has to have so much surgery, he will not be placed until we are further down the road with his progress. We will be taking applications for him now. If we get one that is close to his Surgeon, he will possibly be able to go to his new home and go back and forth to the surgical facility when needed. We still pick up all of his medical bills during this process if he is placed before all of this is complete. Anyone in the Columbia, Charleston, Bluffton, S.C. area, think about making this incredible dog part of your Family. You will never regret your decision. He can also be placed out of state, but will not be able to leave until all his surgery is done."

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