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Surgery on ailing Great Dane reveals 43 socks

Surgery on ailing Great Dane reveals 43 socks
Surgery on ailing Great Dane reveals 43 socks
DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital

A Great Dane has had a terrible stomach ache - and thanks to a Portland, Oregon veterinarian, his family knows why now - and they know where their missing socks were going, as well. Oregon Live reported yesterday that a Portland veterinarian removed 43 1/2 socks from an ailing Great Dane.

The dog, who was vomiting, retching, and not eating, was taken to Northwest Portland's the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, where X-rays confirmed the suspicious-looking items in his stomach.

Dr. Ashley Magee found "a lot of foreign material in his stomach," stated Shawna Harch, the hospital's communications specialist. The items in the dogs' stomach could not be digested, so he needed surgery.

During the two-hour surgery, the veterinarian removed 43 1/2 socks. The 1/2 sock has yet to be seen, but the Great Dane's stomach ache is finally gone, thanks to the veterinary team at DoveLewis.

The dog, only three years old, was likely eating the socks for months. Once he was stitched up, tales of his amazing surgery were already going around the hospital - and now, the world.

While eating socks might sound unusual, dogs have been known to eat other strange items, as well, including rocks, rubber duckies, a fish (with hook included), a fork, an engagement ring, 130 nails, and a mobile phone. This Great Dane is fortunate that his family noticed that he wasn't feeling well - and that he didn't suffer any long-term damage with his sock cravings.

According to Harch, this is the strangest case in the veterinary hospital's history - and it could certainly the record set for the most socks eaten. Harch stated that the dog's owners were unavailable for comment and that she could not release their names.

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