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Surfing, the 160 calorie an hour secret

Surfing burns calories while it increases balance in the body
Surfing burns calories while it increases balance in the body
Phoenicia A Lewis

With the National Weather Service issuing a high wind warning that moved into LA county from 9am Monday to 3 AM Thursday they are also predicting high surf and dangerous riptides. The present 4 to 9 feet may be enough to scare even the most advanced surfer, but with such magnanimous waves one cannot help but wonder if anyone would dare to brave the waves and test the unpredictability of the ocean. Considering an hour of surfing can burn around 160 calories it is a fun and beneficial alternative to your workout routine.

Tonight and tomorrow morning may not be the best time to begin surfing, but after the wind advisory ends on Thursday afternoon try surfing. If you do not have a board or a wet suit, and have never ridden a wave in your life do not worry, there are a number of surf clinics throughout Los Angeles that can help. The perfect day surf camp has coed adult classes, children’s classes, and mommy and me classes for soon to be back in shape moms and their future wave riding children to perfect their skills. Learn to surf LA in Santa Monica also offers a variety of classes including private lessons, kids camps, and even corporate team building lessons. Beginning at $100 a lesson, surf lessons may not be a lifelong commitment, but it is a great way to learn a workout secret that you can develop one wave at a time. This secret surfers may have kept hidden had we not spied the chiseled bodies revealed once they peel off their wet suit after riding waves all morning can now be your 160 calorie an hour burning secret.