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Surfing model charged: Jill Hansen charged with attempted murder

A surfing model has been charged with attempted murder after she allegedly hit an elderly woman with her car. According to ABC News, Jill Hansen is being held on $1 million bail after she waited for Elizabeth Conklin, 73, to get out of her car before hitting her. Hansen, 30, was stopped by a bystander who witnessed the whole incident. Apparently the bystander grabbed something and "bashed in" Hansen's rear window, likely halting her from hitting Conklin a second time and/or actually running over her.

"I parked in my normal parking place, and I got out and all of a sudden I woke up in an ambulance," said Conklin. Apparently Conklin doesn't remember anything else about the incident but says that the bystander who stepped in likely saved her life. Conklin suffered two black eyes and other bruises.

The surfing model charged in the incident must have had a motive. While some outlets are reporting that this was a case of road rage, Conklin seems to feel differently. She believes that Jill Hansen wanted to steal her car -- and that's why she waited for her to exit the vehicle before crashing into her. Police have not revealed a motive one way or the other.

It's unclear why Hansen would want to steal a car, but police are currently investigating the case. Right after hitting Conklin and having her rear window smashed, Hansen left the parking garage. Police were able to track her down and arrest her shortly after.

Conklin is lucky to be alive and many are curious to see what will happen to Hansen when she goes to court.

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