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Surfing and sunning in style in my Miracle Suit

family beach vacation
family beach vacation

This is not a photo of me. It is a beautiful model wearing a Miracle Suit. I added my favorite beach.

Bathing suits!

I went from being a skinny teen to a hippy mom to a grandmother of presence. I have a a genetic trait my mother delicately referred to as T.B. and my sister and I have the nerve to spell out: tremendous butt. Before my sister unfriends me from FaceBook, I need to explain she is a size 2 and our mother was just her size.

My dress size is more challenging, particularly when it comes to bathing suits. I've tried the camouflage of bathing skirts, and I have a nice collection of beach coverups. Even so, I had not been comfortable on the beach or at the pool in years. And then my career direction changed to travel writer. I am invited to upscale resorts, and I am expected to frolic in their pools and lounge around looking like I think I am one of the Beautiful People. My fiction skills take me just so far. To write about these experiences, I need to have these experiences.

I heard about Miracle Suits from a friend and contacted a company representative. She sent me a Miracle Suit. It looked beautiful in the box, so I admired it for several days before I tried it on and faced reality in my mirror. I really did look ten pounds slimmer and without feeling strangled. Wow! I haven't been so excited about a bathing suit since my first bikini. I wore those teeny scraps of fabric under my one-piece so I could pass parental scrutiny before taking off the one-piece at the pool. In that bikini, I felt that if there were a mass drowning incident, I would be the first one saved by the lifeguard. Once I actually felt his eyes on me on their way to his girlfriend.

Aspirations change through the years, and my bathing suit expectations are simply that I can wear one comfortably and in such a way that people do not suggest I take up jogging. I was so excited about my Miracle Suit that I wore it on our family vacation to the Outer Banks. Knowing I should save it for my next resort assignment, I gave it the ocean test anyway.That suit rolled with me through every wave for a week.

It still looks good enough to wear to a resort, and now I have a tan to go with the suit.

Miracle Suits come in a wide range of styles, and they are designed for us women of stature. Okay. SIZE. I no longer aspire to attract lifeguards, but now I do not feel like I frighten them. The miracle is not so much in the suit; it is how I feel when I am wearing it.

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