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Surfeasy Helps Users Retain Online Privacy

Toronto based start-up Surfeasy is dedicated to help user retain what is left of their privacy in the digital age. The company has created a web browsing tool that encrypts data so that it becomes meaningless to prying eyes, and the company says there are millions of users all around the globe.
Surfeasy was started 3 years by CEO Chris Houston, and got a major boost in the number of users earlier this year when the Turkish government blocked access to Twitter and YouTube. More than 500,000 people signed on to use the service. The
The product was originally supplied as VPN on USB that could be plugged in to any PC port to encrypt data transfer when connected to the Internet. The privacy service is now offered as download for almost all platforms, and Houston says, there are versions for both the Mac and PC.

Surfeasy protects your Online Privacy

The concept was developed after the massive rush to digitization had begun, and the focus was primarily on monetizing all surfing activities. The average user was unaware of the possibility that activities and information was being monitored. Although the times changed as revelations have been made, the average user, still needs to be educated on the manner in which their activity can remain private.
SurfEasy’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution, allows users to surf anonymously, safely and without restrictions with full encryption as IP addresses and Wi-Fi connection are fully secured. All activity, including downloads and email messages are secured, and the concern for the security of Hotspots is eliminated. Users cannot be tracked while using the network.

SurfEasy offers different privacy plans that include a free service, where users can protect up to 5 devices including mobiles, but the data limit is capped at 500MB each month. The unlimited plan is just what is says – no limits on the amount of data transferred.
Recent updates now include Ad Tracker blocking in the VPN that removes venerable cookies that may be downloaded to your device. At this time the company’s servers are located in North America and several European countries including the U.K. and Germany with additional resources in Singapore and Brazil and Australia. Users have the option of choosing which region they wish to use and more capacity is expected to be added in the future. The prices are very affordable and the service is invaluable to those who wish to protect their privacy while being online.

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