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Surface Pro 3 may be sold before June 20 release date

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On Saturday, several Best Buy stores received the Surface Pro 3 to put on their display counters. They joined all of the Microsoft Store retail locations that started displaying units on June 6. We will do a full review of the Surface Pro 3 when we get our own review unit this Friday. But from playing with the device at the Microsoft Store and Best Buy, we can safely say that the device is a definite winner.

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Here is the good news for those who just can't wait five more days: Two managers at Best Buy tell us that not only have they received their sale units, but they may sell them a couple days earlier. One manager was at the West Hollywood location and the other was at the Burbank location. They sounded like they knew what they were talking about.

A week ago, we revealed that those who pre-ordered the Surface Pro 3 online may receive their units as early as well. Microsoft will start shipping their pre-ordered units tomorrow, meaning that the lucky owners will have the unit in their hands on Wednesday. There is a possibility that even if the units are shipped out tomorrow, post office final delivery may not be until Friday. This happens a lot with new Apple products that are released.

The Surface Pro 3, for the most part, has received fantastic reviews. Microsoft is advertising the device as one that can replace both a tablet and a laptop. The tablet portion is pretty big, but it still feels like a tablet in your hand. Once you attach it to the Type Cover, it feels like a laptop, although not completely sturdy. Microsoft is advertising the Surface Pro as a MacBook Air alternative. They can even get away with advertising it as a MacBook Pro replacement.

Though Microsoft hasn't revealed pre-order numbers, we hear that the numbers easily outdo those from the pre-orders of the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2. It looks like Microsoft is definitely on the comeback trail. Apple now has another company to be threatened by instead of just Samsung.