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Surf music icon Dean Torrence joins The Bamboo Trading Co. for July 4th release!

Surf music icon Dean Torrence returns to the beach with new recording.
Surf music icon Dean Torrence returns to the beach with new recording.The Bamboo Trading Company

In the mood for some new summertime pop music in then style of The Beach Boys? Well, you’re in luck, because The Bamboo Trading Company will be releasing a brand new digital EP, “Star Of The Beach,” on the Fourth of July to celebrate America’s birthday!

Fifty years ago there were two groups that commanded the pop charts with songs about surfing, drag racing, going to the beach, etc., and they were The Beach Boys and Jan & Dean. Jan Berry and Dean Torrence were as popular as their California cohorts. In fact, in 1964 it was Jan & Dean’s “Ride The Wild Surf” that had everyone dreaming about taking “one last ride.” The song was co-written with Brian Wilson (creative genius behind the Beach Boys)…Wilson also provided a dual falsetto with Torrence on the song.

Fast-forward 50 years, and Dean is singing a great new lead vocal on the recording “Star Of The Beach,” and the social-media-skewering “Tweet (Don’t Talk Anymore).” Torrence provides lead vocals on the chorus on “Star,” and goes for broke in typical Jan & Dean style, on “Tweet.”

As great as they these two tracks are, some might prefer the Harry Nilsson-inspired “Drinkin’ In The Sunshine” (with Torrence on backing vocals); it’s another great summertime track that conjures up California pop imagery beautifully. All in all, it adds up to a great listening experience for lovers of the California pop music genre.

The Bamboo Trading Company are: Gary Griffin (Beach Boys band, Brian Wilson band, Jan & Dean band, Surf City
Allstars), Matt Jardine (Brian Wilson band, Surf City Allstars, California Surf, Inc.), Philip Bardowell (Beach Boys band, 
Jan & Dean band, Surf City Allstars), Randell Kirsch (Beach Boys band, Jan & Dean band, Surf City Allstars), and
 indie artists Chris English & Miami Dan Yoe.

The Bamboo Trading Company is mixed & engineered by Gary Griffin
 and mastered by Grammy Award Winner Mark Linett.

Download the EP here: iTunes.
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The Bamboo Trading Company on Facebook.
The Bamboo Trading Company on Twitter.
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