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Sure it's nice to look at, but it's not good for much else

all those pixels are still fun
all those pixels are still fun

Ahhh graphics. As of late this one thing has been the shining star among games, but when you really get down to it, do they really matter that much? Sure with all of the technical advances it’s hard not to focus on pushing the extreme reality and detail of what hardware can do now. This is all fine and dandy, why not make something beautiful if you have the tools? What we are seeing all too frequently now are developers trying to rely solely on those 1080p hyper realistic graphics, passing off technically good looking games with it lacking everything else that good game really needs. All too often people buy into it, simply because of how good it looks, but not even a week later they are angrily trying to trade it in because it has terrible gameplay or a lack luster story. Sooner rather than later, technology will hit a wall with realism, developers will have to start getting creative with their art styles or be lost in a sea of realism. ( ) So when push comes to shove, if the best thing about your game is the graphics, then you have failed as a game developer.

This is one thing Nintendo has always seemed to get, they have always put fun, gameplay and story above the graphics and/or art style of the games they are putting out. Everyone surely remembers the E3 tech demo of the game that would eventually become the Legend of Zelda: the Windwaker. When the art style for the real game came out, many people cried foul, simply because the graphical style was not as realistic as it could have been a lot of people wrote the game off when really Windwaker was one of the best in the Zelda series. Although because of these choices the masses that flock to the shiny hyper realistic details, simply overlook many of the great and amazingly fun titles Nintendo produces. ( )

When you were a kid, however many years ago, what do you remember most about the games you played? Probably how much fun you had playing it, because there wasn’t nearly the amount of importance put on how the game looked. And when you go back and play your favorite childhood games, do you really care about all those pixels? Surely you don’t disown the game because now you realize that the thing you loved so much was only eight pixels.