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Sure it’s a ‘Wired’ World

Jeff Alcorn (left) and Rob Charlton. Alcorn states: “We live in a wired world now which makes it interesting in the way in which we do business."
Jeff Alcorn (left) and Rob Charlton. Alcorn states: “We live in a wired world now which makes it interesting in the way in which we do business."
News 24 - 2014

By Paul Fitzgerald - TNT’s Director of Sales on social media and relationship building

The world may seem like a big place, but Jeff Alcorn is one who knows how to make it a little bit smaller.

The Director of Sales for The Next Trend (TNT) Designs Inc. has seen many changes in the marketing, advertising and promotions industry since he joined the Mississauga, ON, based company 16 years ago.

And if you ask him, change is good. Bring it on, as he suggests.

“We live in a wired world now which makes it interesting in the way in which we do business,” he says. “So much has changed with the emergence of the internet – it’s an online digital world and when you use technology and social media platforms the right way, the world ends up becoming far more connected, smaller, and real.”

Alcorn is now guiding his sales team on best approaches in utilizing social media while building news relationships, which he says will bolster sales and overall growth.

“What I love most about working at TNT is that there is no such thing as complacency,” he says. “We are a family of big thinkers and we all know the importance of meeting our clients' demanding expectations with ease, and of course we are all about growing and relationship building through an array of social media platforms.”

Making social media work is his forte and it’s proving fruitful for the company.

“Social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram – to name a few - are amazing tools to communicate with your clientele while attracting new ones,” he explains. “Executing the right messaging and reaching out to new audiences is a dynamic way for a business like ours to grow and tap into new markets.”

Still, while the world is plugged in and everything is a point-and-click-away, Alcorn emphasizes how companies still want a personable approach.

“As much as technology seems to have taken over our lives, clients still want to meet face-to-face or speak regularly on the phone,” he explains. “So, it’s a unique combination we have going on. On one hand we have computers and social media to communicate, but people still want that affable approach when it comes to doing business. The team we have in place at TNT is amazing: we know all about effective communications online and we are also a down-to-earth bunch which is something all our clients admire.”

Being a diverse outfit like TNT certainly has its benefits.

“As each year passes our company only continues to grow,” he says. “Now with having a strong brand in Canada and the USA, we are now poised to bring in new clients from abroad and this will mark a truly exciting era for us.”

Alcorn also enjoys the solidarity among the TNT team.

“This place just feels like home… Everyone looks out for one another and we all get along so well. What I also like is how everyone here is so innovative and driven for success. And, I have developed some very close friends here, like Rob Charlton and Janine Taylor, both of whom are the co-owners of the company and who also attended my wedding.”

Taylor states, “Jeff is a leader and has been an amazing asset to our team. His vision and commitment to TNT is second to none. He has amazing sales skills and is a real people person and most of all knows how to reach out to new clients and is helping grow our brand on many levels in the marketplace.”

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