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Supreme Pro Wrestling's June 15, 2014 show!

Action from Sunday night.
Action from Sunday night.
Joseph Ulibas

Supreme Pro Wrestling conducted their monthly card Sunday within the confines of the SPW Arena. The show featured three championship matches, a number one contender's bout for the Extreme title and mixed tag team match. A couple of storylines from last month continued to pan out and a special return of a very special wrestler. The fans were eager to watch some SPW action.

JD Bishop comes out to cut a very heelish promo whilst holding the SPW Heavyweight title. The curtain jerker of the show was a mixed tag team match feature "The Beautiful People" members Rik Luxury and Adrian Idol against Savannah Riley and T 'Lo the Insano. The bout ended with Riley and T' Lo winning by pin fall. After the match there was dissention within the stable as Luxury belittled Idol and kicked him when he was kissing his boot. Josh Robertson came out as "Scoot" Younger and brought out some weapons to battle his opponent who turned out to be Hippity-Hop Harry. Whilst Scoot was pandering to the crowd, Harry sneaks up behind him and pins him for the victory.

Paul Isadora of the "Reno Scum" along with Doc Atrocity and a clown come out to face Dejon Brown. Brown put up a valiant effort but was no match for the seven foot tall Isadora who won the match by pin fall. The Legacy of Brutality came out to cut a promo but they're interrupted by the "The Honor Society" who also want the L.O.B. wants, a shot at the tag team titles. The commissioner of SPW comes out to say that the tag tea, titles will be defended in a 4 team title match along with "Salt n' Pimpin" and the "Reno Scum" with a sixty minute time limit.

The final bout before the intermission was the 4-way fight between Joe DeSoul, Flyin' Ryan, Sal Thomaseli and Johnny Yen. The winner would receive a title shot for the Extreme Championship next month. Flyin' Ryan and Sal Thomaseli went after each other with a future feud developing in the works. Ryan went at it with Joe DeSoul as well and the three of them dominated the match. Johnny Yen however bided his time and when Thomaseli and Ryan were involved in a near pin fall, Yen went in for a double pin of both wrestlers for the win.

After the intermission the first of three title matches occurred. Jeckles the Jester came out to defend his Extreme title against Edris Jackson (who earned his shot last month). Jackson brought his lunch and took it to the champion but what Jeckles dished out was even tougher. Jackson nailed Jeckles with his discus punch but it wasn't enough as he lost to the champion by pin fall. The SPW Heavyweight title match was the co-main event. J.D. Bishop came out hold the title and was greeted to a chorus of boos. Dexter St. Jock came out to a thunderous roar from the fans. The bout went back and forth between J.D. and Dexter as the two traded power moves along with several near finishes.

The match ended at least three times. First time was when St. Jock pinned Bishop but his foot was on the rope. Second, Bishop pinned Dexter with his foot on the rope. Taking the cheap victory, Bishop grabbed the title and ran out of the ring. After Referee Toby explained the Referee James about what had just transpired the match was restarted for a third time. St. Jock demanded Bishop to return to the ring but was blindsided by him and left the ring. Dexter was declared the winner by DQ but J.D.still has possession of the title.

The four tag team match for the SPW Tag Team Titles was the final match of the evening. The teams of "The Reno Scum", "The Honor Society" and "The Legacy of Brutality" took on the champions "Salt n' Pimpin" in a grueling sixty minute time limit draw. All four teams were evenly matched and none of them came close to winning. After it was all said and done, all eight wrestlers were given a well deserved standing ovation after putting on one great performance.

Next month's show will be held on July 20th at the SPW Arena. Tickets for the card are just $10 for adults and $5 for children. For more information about SPW please visit

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