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Supreme Pro Wrestling's January 19th show

Drake Younger's victory speech after winning SPW Heavyweight title.
Drake Younger's victory speech after winning SPW Heavyweight title.
Joseph Ulibas

Supreme's Pro Wrestling's first show of 2014 was a real hum dinger. The main event of Sunday night's card was SPW Heavyweight Champion Sal Thomaseli defending his title against the Extreme Champion Drake Younger. Sal opened the show with a promo that really riled up the huge crowd inside the SPW Arena. He did a very good job of heeling it up and getting a negative reaction from the rabid fans.

Returning SPW favorites El Chupacabra and Adam Thornstone opened up the card. The two pros put on a good show and the two went at it back and forth. Thornstone took advantage of a few mistakes El Chupacabra made an pinned him for the win. The announcer read a "letter" that a vacationing Rik Luxury wrote in regard to his former tag team partner Corvus about his perceived lack of competitive fire and his need of a new partner. Corvus tried to wrestle the team of Brown and Simon but was forced to get a partner so he chose Truex who was in the crowd. The match was started and Corvus for the most part tangled with his opponents from last month. Smart thinking by Truex allowed Corvus to win the match by pin fall and for his effort was dissed by his temp partner,

Jeckles the Jester came out to the ring for the third match of the night. This was a rematch from last month as well. Drake Frost came out and took it to Jeckles. The two hosses fought each other tooth and nail for most of the bout until Jeckles used Frost's aggressive nature to win by pin fall. Mustafa Saed and Joe DeSoul came out to meet their opponents. Sir Samurai and Jeff Cobb came out to confront their opponents in the continuation of their blood feud. The heel team of Saed & DeSoul used every trick in the book to punish Cobb & Samurai. But after brawling all over the arena floor and tangling in the ring, DeSoul ended up being pinned giving Samurai & Cobb the victory.

The fifth match of the night was a "Four Corners Tag Team match". The wrestler who gets the winning pin will earn a shot at the SPW Heavyweight title at a future date. The Teams of Josh Robinson & Dusty Grimes, T'Lo the Insano & Kurai Himee, John Reditio & Sionne and JD Bishop & El Flaco Loco participated in the contest. the wild in-ring action of all four teams spilled out on the floor and around the ring. When the dust settled, JD Bishop ended up winning the match by pin fall earning the title shot. Afterwards, Bishop made the announcement that El Flaco Loco would be his new manager and guide him to the title.

A "Five Pack Challenge" was next. Number one contender for the Extreme title Flyin' Ryan was defending his spot against Marcus Lewis, Rikuza, Hayashi and Dexter St. Jock for the title shot. It was a brutal and hard fought contest with action in and out of the ring. The ending of the match was marred by the interference of Adam Thornstone who emerged from the merchandise table to lay out Flyin Ryan giving the victory to Hayashi. The co-main event of the night was for the SPW Tag Team titles. Salt n' Pimpin' won the right to challenge the champions "The Legacy of Brutality" for the titles. The champions used their size to overpower the challengers but Torch & Flynn used their speed and agility to even the odds. Salt n' Pimpin' looked liked they were on the verge of recapturing the tag titles until the champions decided to get themselves disqualified.

In the main event Sal Thomaseli defended his title against Drake Younger. Before the match was started, the time limit was extended from twenty minutes to an hour much to the dismay of the champion. For several minutes Thomaseli stalled the contest drawing the ire of Younger who decided to take the match to the champion. The two wrestlers brawled all of the arena floor (despite not being held under "extreme rules") and around the ring. Thomaseli even tried to get his goons to do a run in and get a DQ loss. But tonight there was going to be a winner by pin fall because as soon as Sal's crew came in to try and work over Drake, the entire locker room of faces and heels came out and everyone brawled towards the front door. Younger and Thomaseli continued to wrestler and match each other power move for power move, finisher for finisher until Sal gave in making Drake the new champion.

Younger celebrated in the ring with both of his titles. After the match, Drake invited all of the fans into the ring and cut a promo about what a great honor it is to finally win the SPW Heavyweight title. Next month's show will be held on February 16th at the SPW Arena. Tickets for the show are only $10 for adults and $5 for children. For more information about SPW please visit

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