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Supreme Court won’t hear more cases on contraceptives

Pope Francis and President  Obama
Pope Francis and President Obama
Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

According to a March 31 article in Reuters; the US Supreme Court will not rule on 2 cases in front of it on the issue of contraceptives. The 2 cases the court refused to hear were both filed on behalf of Roman Catholic not for profits.

The article goes on to say that the cases will be heard by a Washington appeals court.

What does the Bible say about contraceptives and their usage?

According to, the Bible does not speak directly for or against contraceptive usage. It offers some scientific data, and references scripture (Psalms 127:5) that speaks to how blessed one will be with children. The website goes on to caution Christians against using contraceptives to avoid having children and altering their lifestyle.

The Catholic Education Resource Center points to Onan (Genesis 38) as an example of someone who was cast down by God for refusing to impregnate a woman in accordance with the law. Some Christians say this is not comparable because Onan did not use contraceptives. In fact, his birth control methodology (withdrawal) may be the best of them all.

While some say that the Bible is silent on the matter; contraceptives and their potential usage is a very complex and personal spiritual matter.

Do you believe that a married couple using contraceptives is sinful?

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Source: Reuters

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