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Supreme Court upholds religious freedom and free speech

Protesting to keep eugenics safe rare and legal
Protesting to keep eugenics safe rare and legal
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Supreme Court issued two rulings yesterday that could have much wider consequences. Though in each decision the scope was focused on the case at hand it does open the door to some changes regarding Obamacare and public unions.

The first case was Hobby Lobby who objected to the requirement of Obamacare to provide each and every employee “contraceptive services”. (IE: Abortion drugs) Since Hobby Lobby is solely owned by a Christian family they took the mandate to court claiming it was a burden to their religious freedom. The administration argued it was the insurance companies offering abortion drugs so the business would suffer no burden. The Court replied that if Hobby Lobby refused to purchase what is required, the fines could amount to a $475 million yearly burden to the business. Judge Alito said that corporations are formed by humans who have rights to religious freedom. The left who praised the individual insurance mandate decision showed restraint and tolerance by calling for burning down Hobby Lobby stores. (Terror threats)

The Supreme Court did not rule that the abortion mandate was unconstitutional just Hobby Lobby and other corporations could ignore that part of the law when buying Democrat approved health care. This leaves to door open for future nationalized health care to provide abortion drugs to every religion.

The second ruling which hasn’t gotten as much press involves public unions. In Obama’s adopted home state of Illinois the unions we rewarded in 2003 with a law deeming home health care workers “State Workers” and the choice of which union to join. Those that chose not to join were still were responsible to pay union dues. The union (SEIU) claimed it was their fair share and wasn’t spent on political purposes. Twenty six states with forced unionization allow unions to charge non members a fair share. The suit involved being forced to economically support an organization that actively lobbies for ideas like more government spending when you are opposed to it. The court agreed it was a violation of free speech.

This decision as clarified by the court only applies to home health care workers that have not joined the union. There are approximately 400,000 care workers in nine other states that could be affected by this ruling. What could affect unions nationwide is the ruling was based upon the notion that the union is effectively a lobbying organization. If that interpretation stands it means unions could lose special protections afforded them as Democrat donors. Special protections like exemptions from the Hobbs Act-obstruction of commerce, Sherman Anti-Trust Act- prohibiting monopolies, The Federal Election campaign Act- limits on campaign contributions and expenditures, and receiving government grants and taxpayer funds for job training. (Union laws) But that would be a fight for another day.

Of the two rulings the first is the one sparking the most outrage from the left. The rally cry is war on women, reproductive rights and access to birth control. Notice not one of the statements mention abortion which is the mandate Hobby Lobby objected to. The second ruling has not brought the same vitriol as the abortion one because activists don’t realize the importance of it. If unions cannot charge non members for administrative costs they might have to use dues by members for their high salaries and opulent conventions. This would leave less money for political contributions to the Democrat party. Though the ruling only affects the public/private workers at this time if it is expanded to all union dues it would be catastrophic to dying unions. Just see the results of Michigan’s change in collecting dues from members when the dues were no longer the responsibility of the state. (Dues owed)

Neither of these decisions rolls back the forty or so years of liberal ideas so good that laws must be passed to enforce them. The liberals will act like the court just reinstated Jim Crow laws. That is because every affront to their power over the citizens is like a traffic light to their headlong rush to utopian control. Their hope to make us more like Venezuela, Detroit, Cuba and other places their ideas didn’t and never will work.

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