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Supreme Court to decide just how damaging words can be

I'm going to kill you
I'm going to kill you
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Adam Serwer, in his article ‘Do threats on Facebook count?’ on, reported that the “Supreme Court is taking a look at what is protected as free speech under the first amendment.” Serwer reports that “a case involving Anthony Elonis, who was convicted for making threatening statements on Facebook, is at the center of it all.”

There are those that believe the comments that Elonis made on Facebook should have been protected under the first amendment. They believe that physically threatening to harm someone is ok as long as you do not intend to act on it. What they are really saying is that it does not matter if someone says something that makes others feel unsafe. Their right to say whatever they want is more important than other people’s feelings of security and wellbeing.

This is truly a sad day in America when there are those who will defend a man who physically threatens to kill a woman. It is difficult to say which is more freighting; someone who goes around threatening to kill people on Facebook or those people who believe this is acceptable behavior.