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Supreme Court strikes down Obama repeatedly, Obama vows to go it alone

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Yesterday, June 30th, Barack Obama lashed out at Congress over immigration reform. Declaring that if Congress does not act then he will act unilaterally, Obama threw down the gauntlet to Republicans of the House. The GOP responded saying that Obama is about to create a Constitutional crisis the likes of which have never been seen in American government.

Following a week of Supreme Court rulings striking down Obama’s actions, the president showed no signs that he would abide by the Constitution and work with Congress to enact laws. The Supreme Court ruled against ObamaCare and for religious freedom in the Hobby Lobby decision in which the small corporation objected to mandates for abortion pills on religious grounds. The court also ruled against forcing Americans to join unions, Obama making appointments without senate approval while the senate is in session, and a number of other contests in which they ruled that Obama overstepped his authority as president.

On the border, tens of thousands of Central American minors have been arriving unaccompanied to enter the United States. They are being allowed entry to the country in accordance with Obama’s and the Democrat’s interpretation of a law written in the Clinton era. The strain on border states is being relieved by transporting some of the children to other states, but even those states are complaining about the financial cost of caring for them. Obama asked Congress for $2 billion dollars in aid to those states.

While claiming that his administration has deported more illegal immigrants than any previous president, both Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder, have said they will not enforce immigration laws with which they do not agree. Democrats are calling this a “humanitarian crisis” caused by Republicans and insist that Obama must act through executive order to resolve immigration as he chooses. The children crossing the border are being preyed upon by both Mexican and American criminals at will.

Obama vows to go it alone

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