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Supreme Court strikes down Obama again

women protest
women protest
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Last week the Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, struck down president Obama's move to go without congressional approval and appoint National Labor Relations board members. He thought he could do this out of a recess appointment, which is true, but the Senate was not in recess. Obama attempted to redefine what a recess appointment meant, not what the Senate says it means, and was thus ruled unconstitutional. Drats!

This is a set-back to Obama supporters who consider Obama the end-all be-all when it comes to presidential power. He shouldn't use congress to get things done, and now we have to wait and see if he can do things on his own without court approval. Don't you just hate the American system of government?

In another ruling this week, the court struck down a provision of Obamacare which forced businesses with religious objections to provide birth control to women. This is another set-back for Obama and his government because they know what's best for women and those who disagree must be at war with the ladies. Women not only have a right to birth control but they also have a right to other peoples money to pay for it even if the the person paying for it has a right to practice their religion, at least this is the Obamacare rationale. Religion is so centuries ago, why do we even bother with it?

There was dissent to the contraception ruling and it included all of the women on the bench who are bit past the age to have any use for contraception therefore their dissent ought not have been biased in any way. But it was a majority of men who ruled against the Obamacare mandate and probably practice religion in some way shape or form. Not only that but we have to assume they prefer their women bare foot and pregnant much like cave-men did-at least according to fossil records.

The United States will continue along in its primitive ways and Obama, along with his care, will be stopped in one small way for now. Personally I don't know how I can continue going on. But then again I'm not a women and so no one is at war with me. So from now on I will stand side-by-side with women in this fight. I will attend any and all meetings and protest that constitute a majority of women, political or not. I'll even pay for the dinner and drinks after. It's the least I can do. If you are a member of a women's group, please get in touch.