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Supreme Court says everything’s allwhite

The Arkansas Project

Justice and “the law” are two completely different things. On Tuesday, April 22nd, the Supreme Court upheld Michigan's ban on affirmative action in public university admissions while simultaneously upholding white supremacy (entitlement and preferential treatment for Whites/Caucasians) as the law of the land since the 15th century. That may be the law; but that’s not justice.

Many complain that affirmative action is unfair while failing to admit white supremacy is affirmative action for Caucasians. White supremacy programs people to see one human race as separate groups of worthy (Caucasian) and un-equal (Melanite) “races.” This narcissistic myth of white superiority & Melanite (melanin-dominant and/or non-white) inferiority relegates Melanites to minor status as MINORities in THIRD place of a human race, where all other peoples and shades of hue-man beings are judged and treated according to this widely accepted psychosis.

So while we are being distracted with the alleged unFAIRness of affirmative action, let’s take a moment to focus on the unjust, world-wide realities of white supremacy: Queen Isabella, King Ferdinand, Pope Urban, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abe Lincoln, George Wallace, Herbert Hoover, Adolph Hitler, and other glorified racists all used the erroneous myth of white supremacy to crown Caucasians “the superior race”. White supremacy rationalized Manifest Destiny, legalized enslavement-capitalism, and condoned the annihilation of countless indigenous black and brown peoples of the western hemisphere.

Here in the USA, white supremacy trained Donald Sterling and countless others to believe Blacks are “not to be associated with” – Blacks are to be exploited. White supremacy enforces racial profiling, allows Caucasian murderers to falsely accuse Melanites of being the "usual suspects" in order to avoid suspicion, and convicts/sentences Melanites disproportionately. White supremacy leads the attack on Ethnic Studies and is the driving force behind escalating gentrification - reverse white flight from the suburbs to major metropolitan cities by way of Melanite displacement through inflation. With no end in sight, white supremacy continues to preach a religious dogma of white angels, wearing white robes, in a white heaven, with a white God, and a white-washed Jesus that wants to “Wash me white as snow!”

No one and nothing is safe from white supremacy. Mirror, mirror on the wall, Snow WHITE is the FAIRest of them all. It is literally everywhere to make sure everyone gets the right … or rather, the white message. Though there is still no sanctuary from white supremacy, there is now another ruling on affirmative action. Meanwhile white entitlement and preferential treatment go unaddressed because the superficial invention of race distracts us from the unjust realities of racism. White entitlement and preferential treatment are further solidified every time anti-affirmative action propaganda is used to protect and preserve white supremacy. But it’s okay because the Supreme Court has ruled that everything’s allwhite. Right?