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Supreme Court rules on gun control and makes mockery of the Constitution



  • Smerls 5 years ago

    You seem to be presenting an emotional argument against the decision.

    For example..

    The decision does confirm that owing a gun is a fundamental right spelled out in the Constitution, so I am not sure why you would have a problem with that.

    Second the decision does not say that people can own a gun "wherever they want, whenever they want" nor does it mean that every law concerning gun ownership is going to be thrown out so again I am not sure where you got that from??

    Third As far as Heller is concerned violent crime had been going down and continues to go down after the repeal of the law so again where you are getting this from I have no idea.

    Fourth, in this case the Second Amended clearly trumps the 14 Amendment, again this is a fundamental right guaranteed in the constitution and spelled out as a specific right under the authority of the Federal government and therefore conservative are right in this case however they have used states rights arguments in the past.

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