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Supreme Court rules 5-4 in favor of Hobby Lobby

In the latest loss for the Obama Administration with the Supreme Court, justices ruled 5-4 today in favor of Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby supporters react to the U.S. Supreme Court decision.
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images reports that writing for the majority, Justice Samuel Alito said “The Supreme Court holds govt can’t require closely held corps w/ religious owners to provide contraception coverage.”

The decision reads, “HHS’s contraception mandate substantially burdens the exercise of religion.”

For the first time, the justices have ruled that for-profit businesses can hold and practice their religious views under federal law. Hobby Lobby had objected to the Obamacare requirement to provide contraceptives for women.

The Blaze reports that "Justice Anthony Kennedy noted that the government could pay for this coverage if it wants to make it available, but cannot compel a company to do so."

In case you haven't been following the case, The Wall Street Journal has 5 Things About the Supreme Court Contraception Cases, noting that this decision comes 23 months after the first challenges to the contraceptive requirement.

Chelsen Vicari, Evangelical Action Director for the Institute on Religion and Democracy said in a press release,

Evangelicals everywhere should rejoice at the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to uphold American citizens' religious freedoms. Let this be a good reminder to all of us, that we must uphold a strong public witness for Christ and never allow our religious freedom to become gagged and bound in our sanctuaries.

In their final ruling for this term, the Supreme Court ruled, again 5-4, that that public sector unions cannot collect fees from home health care workers who don't want to be part of a union. [FOX News]

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