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Supporting where it all starts - High School Marching Bands

Doing what they do best!
Doing what they do best!
Kim Adinolfi

Supporting the homegrown local talent where it all begins - The High School Marching Bands. We maybe a little biased when writing this article as two family members are working really hard to keep the music alive. Without fundraising the marching bands won't be around to teach the kids how to play instruments and perform as a group.

Group Shot
Kim Adinolfi

These kids instead of spending their summer vacation being at the beach or hanging out causing trouble, they are going to Band Camp putting in 12 1/2 hour days mastering something they love.

The East Haven High School Yellow Jacket Marching Band is a competitive marching band and is a member of the USBands. They perform at home football games, pep rallies, and march in local parades using them as practice for the Competitions they go to. The East Haven High School Yellow Jacket Marching Band has won the 2001 National Championship, the 2002, 2004, 2007 State, New England and National Championship, 2005, 2010, 2011 State and New England Championship, 2008 State Championship. The band has traveled to perform in Disney World, the Bahamas, Hershey PA, and proudly marched in the 2010 National Memorial Day Parade in Washington D.C.

The Band is also a recipient of Cadets Award of Excellence and the Dinkles Spirit Award.

When you support your local marching bands your donations can help fix the instruments, help pay for the new uniforms, and help pay for the buses so that they will be able to continue in competition.

Please visit the website:

Jackie Adinolfi is making her family proud by continuing her love of music. Her reason behind this campaign comes straight from her heart -

"The biggest reason this campaign is important to me is definitely the fact that music is the most important thing to me. As a child, I grew up around all kinds of music, from country and hip-hop to soft rock and metal, and I even taught myself how to play a handful of instruments throughout the years. I guess you can say that I kind of have a passion for music. This March4Music is important because now that I'm in high school, I'm in marching band. When I joined last year, I didn't know how much I would love it. But, I realized that being able to relate to others with the same passion for music as you is the best thing ever. I only have two more years left of band and I want to make them the best I can, so this campaign can help me and my marching band!"

Your donation will help keep the music alive for the younger generations.

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