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Supporters attempt to draft Ted Cruz into the 2016 Presidential Race

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As the 2016 Presidential Election continues to heat up, supporter of controversial senator, Ted Cruz, are aiming to draft the senator into the presidential race. According to a March 19th story by the USA Today, Senator Cruz’s supporters are aiming to get over a million signatures urging the firebrand conservative to run for the nation’s highest office. The petition is located on the newly created website,,

While it is widely known that Ted Cruz is considering a bid for the presidency, the emergence of this signature campaign may be a sign of him testing his support levels. It is no secret that running for president requires large amounts of money and dedicated supporters. A petition with a million signature may be just the thing Cruz needs to jumpstart his campaign.

Interestingly, the petition specifically names Chris Christie and Jeb Bush as “establishment Republicans”, and it calls for a candidate that has the support of the far right grassroots element of the Republican Party. While petitions are not a new strategy for politicians, if this petition is successful, then it could help Ted Cruz attract the attention of potential donors and activists.