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Support your local friendly neighborhood voluntaryist superheroes

C'mon all you red white and blue-blooded comic book babes and bad boys! Fetching female freedom fighters are zapping zombies in the strife-stricken streets of America and they need your help!

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the Voluntaryists Vs Statist Zombies comic book needs an immediate injection of cash from libertarians! with permission

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign enabling the launch of yet another superhero Voluntaryist volume is mere hours away from ending and much moola is yet needed to meet the June 5 deadline and the $4,500 goal.

Full financing will allow the production of 17 – count them! – 17 action packed comic pages, one ad page and the cover. Failure to fund the full amount will result in a shorter script and fewer pages.

So how 'bout it? Sponsorship slots are still open. Here's what's still available at this writing:

Wouldn't you love to be immortalized as a zombie character by having your likeness drawn into the story? Three of the five available slots are still open and it'll only set you back $500. Join your other two living dead libertarians now!

Got something great to advertise? For 400 FRN's you'll get the last available Website Ad Right Bar on the Voluntaryist Website where it'll appear for 6 months.

Only got a 300 dollar bill? That'll get you a 1/4 page ad in the comic book itself. But hurry, there are only two spots left!

If you'd rather spend your 300 sponsorship bucks on a Voluntaria or AnCat female action figure (suitable for displaying on your desk at work or mounting on the dash of your car) you must ACT NOW! – only one remains!

What red white and blue-blooded he-man hero or feminist freebooter doesn't want a Voluntaria Pin Up Poster hanging above their beds? Pony up your 150 US Dollars and claim one today!

For differing donations many more Voluntaryist valuables can be had, such as Voluntaryist vs Statist Zombie posters, 2 remaining Voluntaryist tee shirts, stickers, plus print and pdf comics.

Even more can be managed with increased libertarian largess. Comic book publisher and mastermind Jaime Sherman promises to lavish all loot exceeding the campaign goal on stuff like a run of Voluntarist action figures and a YouTube version of the comic.

So send in your dough, your bread, your coinage, your cash, your Jeffersons and Jacksons and especially those Ben Franklins (he was a "Renaissance Man" statesman, scientist, publisher, inventor, and much more but NOT a politician) and help make a philosophical impact. There are endless ways to disseminate the libertarian-voluntaryist-freedom message and a superhero comic book is as good as any other – and probably a whole lot more fun!

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