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Support your local Columbus comedians


Lets help someone from Columbus step up to the mic!

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If you have ever searched the web for famous comedians from Columbus, your search may be rather futile, for in essence there are none. Cincinnati, Cleveland and even Dayton boast some highly successful comedians who have gone on to high profile careers: Bob Hope, Drew Carey, and Dave Chappelle to name a few. Unfortunately Columbus seems to have historically not been a hot bed for comedy talent.

We as a community can change that, but we need to get out there and become comic activists. Encourage your workplace to hire a local comedian to perform at a company function. Take your friends to “open mic” night or to watch a Columbus comedian at a local club. Help your kids find the inner comedian within themselves, even if they have to work at the fast food joint for a few years. If you’re lucky you may have the next Adam Sandler living down the hall.

What it really boils down to is that we are a community in need of a comic hero, and we need to develop the environment that would aid in his or her development, so please be dysfunctional around your children so they can have a wealth of material when they grow up. Find a comic that you can religiously follow around until you convince all your friends that he is the next Dave Chappelle and that they better get in on the ground floor.

Do your part and make Columbus Ohio the hotbed for seriously funny people. Or at least keep reading this column to know where to go to get your laughter fix.