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Support Your Child’s Progress – Invest in Private Tuition

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An assortment of academic achievement is facilitated by private tuition. The reward for hard work and study may be a place in a leading grammar school, high GCSE grades or admission into a prominent international university.

An established private tutoring agency like Fleet Tutors enlists a network of experienced tutors, countrywide. Fleet Tutors’ one-on-one teaching methods extends further than standard home tuition norms, in addition to the main function of a tutoring agency (to teach!). Students can receive UCAS personal statement advice to support university admissions, parents can arrange consultancy on school selection, and schoolchildren are able to attend holiday revision courses.

Nationwide, selective institutions, including independent schools, demand the highest standards of their young scholars. Selective education is a highly competitive field. The spreadof UK-wide home tutoring services is a reflection of an increasingly competitive landscape, with a sought-after state grammar school place the incentive for parents to further invest in their children’s education.

A survey by the Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute indicates that personal tuition will continue to play an important role in the academic development of youngsters. In 2005 only 18% of all young people had received private tuition during their school years. This figure jumps to 24% in 2013, suggesting a rising number of parents recognise the supplementary benefits of one-to-one tutoring away from the school campus. The Sutton Trust, an education charity, published findings that over 40% of London-based school pupils have had personal tuition support to enhance academic performance.

Tailored programmes ensure students of all ages learn at their own pace, a crucial factor in combatting pre-exam anxiety; a proven pressure relief. Beyond DIY tuition at home, education experts nurture a student’s aspirations by drawing up individual tutoring programmes. To justify a parent’s outlay when acquiring a home tutor, personal tuition professionalsencourage and guide students in their pursuit of improved academic performance. Learning outside the classroom can boost a child’s confidence and raise self-esteem; a safe environment for a student to be inquisitive and contend with difficult subjects one step at a time. Fewer distractions will enable a child’s improvement to progress unencumbered, sparking enthusiasm, focus and concentration. Additionally, children can learn without the impediment of a division of teacher time and educational resources.

Attentive tutors will help people regardless of ability or age – schoolchildren, university undergraduates, and adult learners – to realise academic potential and achieve personal goals. Fleet Tutors has built a network of dedicated private tuition specialists who strive to offer encouragement and motivation to inspire students, a demonstration that personal tutoring is more than a mere indulgence.