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Support Your Cat's Joint Health

Mazzy and her living room steps
Mazzy and her living room steps
Laurie Vogt

Here in Wisconsin, we may actually (finally) be on the cusp of spring after a painfully long winter. The snow is melting. Days are getting longer, and seasonal weather shifts are occurring. Many of us experience bone and joint pain with the changing of the seasons as bitter cold gives way to mild but damp weather. Like us, cats can experience seasonal discomfort such as hip and joint pain – be it from weather changes, older age, or both. This article is designed to provide you with ideas for easing stress and strain on your cat’s joints.

Agility Course
My furry child, Mazzy, is 13 years old – a little beyond middle age for a cat. Though she is still mischievous and playful, she isn’t quite as agile as she was a few years ago. She takes a bit more time when calculating her jumps up on to her daddy’s lap on the recliner or when she wants to sit next to me on the couch. Of course, she’s still able to run and jump, but I began to think of things I could do to make things just a little easier for her.

Stepping Up
The first thing we did was get out a second set of kitty steps – identical to ones we had placed by a back door as a sitting perch for Mazzy to look outside. Even though our Tortie is capable of jumping up on the furniture, her dad and I enjoy seeing her excitement when we put the three-steps covered in faux wool by the chair. Like a princess, she climbs with ease. We have also put a taller four-step plastic staircase with carpeted steps in the bedroom. Mazzy was skeptical at first, but she now climbs those steps with ease and enthusiasm. The fact that she also climbs down the stairs indicates we’re making things better for her.

We actually found the smaller steps at Big Lots – some assembly required. We found the taller plastic with carpeting steps at Tuesday Morning. But, every local pet store carries a variety of styles and heights of stairs. I recommend checking out PETCO, Pet Supplies Plus and PetSmart. Whichever product you choose, ensure the stairs are durable, sturdy and made specifically for animals.

Joint Recommendation
The second thing I decided to do was get a joint supplement for Mazzy. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try to maintain the flexibility in her joints. After researching and speaking with my vet, I opted to buy Cosequin Cat Joint Health Supplement from PETCO. I got the sprinkle capsules and simply add them to Mazzy’s canned food treats. I will admit that she doesn’t always love it, but I keep trying. Other hip and joint support products are available – many in the form of soft chews. I recommend speaking with your kitty’s veterinarian, and selecting a product your cat is most likely to enjoy.

Taking your feline’s bone and joint health into consideration is really pretty simple. From stairs to supplements to daily play time to keep kitty moving… there are easy ways to add comfort and agility to your cat’s life – regardless of age. Here’s wishing you and your furry kid many happy and energetic years together. To health and happiness. Cheers!


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