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Support the Safe Chemicals Act: Be part of the solution

Does your child sit in a toxic car seat?

The headlines are disturbing and downright scary:

Hidden Hazards in the Nursery: Toxic flame retardants found in 85 percent of baby products tested including children's car seats purchased in Michigan – Chemicals that have been linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and other negative health effects.

Cadmium and other toxic chemicals contaminate most Halloween make-up – One or more toxic heavy metals found in 100 percent of the products tested.

More than half of low-cost jewelry ranks high for toxic chemicals, study says.

These aren't headlines from some third-world country. They are results of studies conducted by researchers on products sold in the United States.

The Michigan Network for Children's Environmental Health is a coalition of health professionals, health-affected groups, environmental organizations, and others dedicated to a safe and less toxic world for Michigan's children. They are working tirelessly to change current policies and practices that result in exposure of children to environmental toxicants.

The Network is asking for your help to protect American families from toxic chemicals by supporting the Safe Chemicals Act. If keeping your family safe from toxic chemicals is something that is important to you – then read more about the Safe Chemicals Act and become part of the solution by signing the petition.

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