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Support Sochi in style: Fashionable looks for the Olypmic Games

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Once every four years, the entire world comes together for one event, the Olympics. In 2014, stores such as The Hudson Bay Company, Roots, and even Canadian Tire are making it easy to support the Canadian team in style! With the opening ceremony taking place tomorrow, there is still plenty of time to shop! The color red is of course showcased, but those who prefer classic black and white are in luck as well. Thankfully, the different types of clothing and accessories in support of the “Winter Olympics” are also supporting the freezing temperatures with mittens, beanies, sweatshirts and jackets. Of course, there are always the basic tees and shirts to wear underneath so one can show their diehard support layer by layer.
Check out local Toronto locations for special Olympic Team gear to represent Canada while still looking good. Below is a selection of cool accessories that can add a little spirit to your everyday attire. Or, check out the attached slideshow for some other key pieces.

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Hands: Adidas COC Gloves in black or red from Canadian Tire ($19.99), Olympic Collection Striped Mittens from The Hudson Bay Company ($10.00), or OLYMPIC COLLECTION Sochi 2014 Animal Bracelet Two Pack from the Hudson Bay Company ($15.00).

Heads: Adidas COC Beanie in black, red or grey from Canadian Tire ($24.99), OLYMPIC COLLECTION Sochi 2014 Wool Trapper Hat from The Hudson Bay Company ($45.00), or the Canada Pom Pom Toque Hat in black or red from Roots ($25.00).

Little Extras: OLYMPIC COLLECTION Canada Sunglasses in red, black, white or mixed from The Hudson Bay Company ($10.00), Canada Hockey Striped Scarf from Roots ($48.00), or OLYMPIC COLLECTION Sochi 2014 Mini Umbrella from the Hudson Bay Company ($25.00).