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Support Pennebaker film, get unique Dylan, Bowie, Townshend collector’s items

To raise funds for the upcoming D.A. Pennebaker/Chris Hegedus documentary, “Unlocking the Cage,” a Kickstarter campaign was established, with supporters eligible to receive an array of collector’s items featuring Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Pete Townshend, activist Asher Jay, chef Jacquy Pfeiffer, the National, Stephen Soundheim, the Coen brothers, and Depeche Mode, among others.

Collector's items available through the UNLOCKING THE CAGE Kickstarter page
DLB T-shirt and poster
This vintage 1967 Dont Look Back pin can be yours!
D.A. Pennebaker

For more on the documentary itself, please see my Performing Arts Examiner article, “D.A. Pennebaker interview - Support new documentary, get vintage Bob Dylan swag.

Associate Producer Julia McInnis filled me in on some of the swag being offered:

There are some unique Dylan perks Penny (Pennebaker) put together, which I think are pretty incredible. I was really excited when he suggested doing the film strips, that it was something we could do. Our plan is to clip out any scenes in the first 20 minutes of “Dont Look Back” that somebody would like. Even a specific cue card moment (from the opening “Subterranean Homesick Blues” segment), if you want “Look Out” or “Wind Blows,” whichever, we can cut that out for you, and frame it along with a card that Penny will sign, and a letter as well talking about the film.

Penny also has these original buttons that accompanied the 1967 original theatrical release. I don’t know how they’ve lasted all these years, but we have them here in a box, and they are in great shape. I don’t think you can get then anywhere else. 40 are available through Kickstarter.

Penny is also signing theatrical film posters and DVDs, doing Skype or Google hangout sessions or lunches with anyone who’d like to hear about not only “Dont Look Back,” but also (the companion documentary) “’65 Revisited.”

We are also doing screenings of the film for either individuals, or businesses, who would like to have Penny there for a discussion or a little Q & A.

We also have film clips of Pete Townshend from The Who at Monterey. Just like with “Dont Look Back,” you get to pick part of that performance, and that will be framed along with a postcard Penny will be signing. What we are letting people know about The Who footage is that due to the effects of film aging, it has that slight magenta hue to it. You’ll see “Dont Look Back” isn’t affected, neither is “Ziggy Stardust. “Otis Redding” is perfect.

If you feel like supporting the film, or would like some of these collector’s items, please visit the official “Unlocking the Cage” Kickstarter page for the complete list.

$75,000 is the goal, which must be reached by Friday, May 23, at 6:18 a.m.

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