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Support Others Small Businesses- Why is this essential to your growth?

Now that you own or are about to own your own business- be mindful of the way you treat others, patronize others and support others in your shoes. It is wise to partner when applicable, share protected ideas and even network in efforts to grow your business and brand. Remember who you are and what you represent when you connect with others. People do business with who they respect and value. The way others perceive you and what they say about your business will affect you.. either positively or negatively. So bring your A game- use great efforts and have positive thoughts. No excuses, no procrastination, just a focused mindset that you can be successful and you will support others that are (aspiring to be) successful too!

Here are a few simple steps to ensure that you are supporting other small businesses around you;

  • TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED- remember you are in business to secure clients. The first thing we learn is customer service and that the customer is always right. Although the customer may not always be right. Your tone, attitude and demeanor express how you value the client. If you are constantly showing an adverse attitude towards the client, you risk client retention, satisfaction and even the potential word of mouth affect from that client, which can help grow your business faster than any other method.
  • PATRONIZE AND SUPPORT OTHER SMALL BUSINESSES - Set the example for your colleagues, neighboring small businesses and those in your network by being supportive and patronizing their businesses. In return, it keeps their attention towards who you are, helps grow your business by way of referrals and keeps you in the loop of what is going on around you with others in your area. When you support and patronize others, more than likely they will support and patronize you in return.
  • PARTNER/COLLABORATE WITH OTHERS- This is favorable in so many levels. Bridging gaps between business assists the community and improves your efforts of gaining brand loyalty and recognition. This is also highly affective when seeking funds, Gov't contracts, funds and more. Remember your network is your net-worth.
  • INTEGRITY - is all you have, Do what you say you will do. No one wants to hear excuses and procrastination is too risky in business.

Overall, treat your business as a business, have strategy, methods and processes in place that can help you leverage your business for optimal success in multi-facet levels.

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Written by: Tamikka F. Goldsby

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