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Support House Bill 408, to put an end to owning dogs for fighting in Kentucky

Speak out against dog fighting in Kentucky.
Speak out against dog fighting in Kentucky.
Kentucky Coalition to End Dogfighting

A call for action has gone out across Facebook and Kentucky. House Bill 408 needs support. The bill aims to make it a felony to own dogs for the purpose of dog fighting. The people of Louisville need to speak out and contact their representatives. The Kentucky Coalition to End Dogfighting posted an update on their Facebook page on March. 11 asking that citizens call their representatives and politely request that they pass the bill without amendments.

Among other things, bill states that a person is guilty of cruelty to animals in the first degree when they knowingly participate in the organization of the fight; or The person knowingly owns, possesses, keeps, breeds, trains, sells, or otherwise transfers a four-legged animal for the purpose that the animal or its offspring be used in a fight for pleasure or profit. The final line of the bill will make cruelty to animals in the first degree a class D felony. The bill in its entirety can be found here.

It has not been easy to get HB408 this far. Amendments were suggested that had nothing to do with dog fighting. They were removed however, because people spoke out. People called and sent emails to the representative responsible and he listened and withdrew the offending amendments. So do not think that one phone call, letter, or email will not matter. It will be one voice added to so many others, and the representatives do listen. Speak up for our animals Louisville, and help bring an end to dog fighting in Kentucky for good.