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Support groups are available for family members of those with autism

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Any experience had by one family member can affect the whole. This is never truer than when one member has a disability. Autism is one such condition which affects not only the sufferer, but everyone around him or her.

Autism is a neurological disorder which affects a person’s ability to communicate, understand social cues, and behave appropriately. People with Autism tend to exhibit repetitive motions and actions that don’t make sense. The severity of the effects of Autism varies from person to person and is looked at as a spectrum of disorders rather than one condition.

The Autism Society of Connecticuthas important and useful information about Autism, treatments, research, and supports. One important feature to their website is the calendarwhich lists both new and ongoing social events and support groups. Meetings are held in various locations around the state each with its own focus. Some groups are designed for parents and caregivers, others for siblings.

Caring for and living with someone with Autism can be overwhelming at times. It’s important to connect with others who share similar experiences. Mutual support can make a difficult situation easier and can allow the families of people with Autism to better understand and enjoy life with their family member.

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