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Support bill to allow cannabil oil to end seizures of 6 year old Lydia

Lydia Schaeffer is a young girl who suffers from seizures. The medicine exists to help treat her, but since the medicine is an extract of marijuana, or specifically cannabis oil, she and her parents are denied this treatment. All because of some peoples' fears about this drug.

Well Wisconsin state legislature AB 726 would allow little Lydia to be treated, and those like her. This bill does not go far enough, it only relates to treatments of seizure disorders.

There are a host of disorders that have been treated with marijuana successfully such as glaucoma, cancer, chronic pain, along with other ailments and illnesses. We need a thorough medical marijuana bill in Wisconsin. But one step at a time.

I urge you to contact your state assemblymen and state senators (especially if they are Republicans) and urge them to vote for AB 726. Call 1 608-266-0341 or 1800 362-9472. Or go to the webpage of the Wisconsin state legislature and look up your legislators.

Please do it quick, because the Wisconsin state legislature is going to close their current session, maybe by the end of this week. Also, please contact Assembly Speaker Robin Vos at 1-608 266-9171 and urge him to support and bring this bill to an immediate vote.

Lastly, groups like the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana laws and the Marijuana Policy Project do good work in reform draconian anti-marijuana laws. Please give them your support.