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Supplements Dr. Oz will not take

According to an article on the Dr. Oz website Three Supplements Dr. Oz would never take he advises against taking Bitter Orange, Lobelia, and Yohimbe.

Beware of Dietary Supplements all are not good for you!
Dianne Tyndall

Bitter Orange is a weight loss supplement and for allergy relief. The side effects stated in the Dr. oz article: ‘can cause heart attack, stroke or even death.’

Lobelia is for relief from bronchitis and asthma. The side effects stated in the article are: ‘can cause rapid heart rate and a high dose can cause severe low blood pressure, coma or even death.’

Yohimbe is a sexual enhancement supplement that both men and women use. Side effects stated are: ‘can cause serious heart problems, including high blood pressure and rapid heart rate.’

There are many more supplements, herbal remedies, over-the counter drugs and even prescription medications that are more harmful to your health than helpful, always research supplements, herbs and medications before you begin to take them.

Ask your primary health care provider what is best for your body before starting any new supplement, herb or medication over-the-counter or prescription.

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