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Supplement your dog's meal with vitamin-rich organ meats

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Organ meats are loaded with nutrition for your dog. They are especially rich in vitamin A, B vitamins, minerals such as iron, phosphorus, copper and magnesium.

Consider adding a small amount of organ meats to your dog's regular diet. Too much organ meat in one sitting can lead to loose stools, so don't serve a whole meal of this yummy treat, but supplement with 10-15% of your dog's meal.

Liver is a great excellent source of protein, Vitamin A, B vitamins, iron, folic acid, copper and CoQ10. Heart is high in vitamin B12, iron and potassium and is a source of selenium, phosphorus and zinc. Heart is also a concentrated source of CoQ10. Kidneys are rich in vitamin B12, riboflavin and iron, and a source of B6, folic acid and niacin. Tongue is a good source of B-complex vitamins, particularly B1.

Your dog will love the nutrient-rich organ meats. Variety and moderation is key. Try adding a small amount of a different organ meat each week.