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Supplement's for your Dog's Water made easy

K-10+ a revolutionary new line of pre-measured, single serve water soluble vitamin packets for dogs.

Dog Supplements easy to use

Simply add the product to your dog’s water and walk away. No more challenging pills to try and get down their throat.

K-10+ water soluble dog supplements are scientifically formulated to provide up to 90% absorption of vitamins and supplements versus less than 20% for traditional pills and chews.

This means faster better results for your dog and less stress for the both of you!

The K-10+ product line currently includes the following formulas

  • Calming Formula
  • Multi-Vitamin
  • Glucosamine
  • Omega3
  • UT support
  • Senior Care

Many of the mainstream health concerns.

Each box comes with (28) packets for a one to two month supply depending on the size of your dog and dosage requirements.

Manufactured in the U.S with only the finest quality ingredients and veterinarian approved.

There is nothing like it on the market. Its super easy and convenient, and 9x more effective than chews and hard to swallow pills.

We like that!

The line recently launched nationwide in Petco.

K-10+ was created by founder Ryan Holden Singer, a young entrepreneur and avid photographer who had a hard time administering medication to his own pet. He knew there could be a better way. After exploring the pet care industry he realized there was a big opportunity to help pet owners and fill a large void within the marketplace.

Looks like a simple solution to make life just a bit eaiser

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