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Supplement physics at Austin Children's Museum

Dandelion seeds blow in the wind made by a little girl's breath
Dandelion seeds blow in the wind made by a little girl's breath

The classical method of education, popular with many homeschoolers, cycles through the same material on an increasing depth, every four years. This coincides with the developmental stages that children go through as they grow to adulthood.

  • The "Grammar Stage" is 1-4th grades, and is a time to learn all the sights, vocabulary and ideas the world is made of.
  • The  "Logic Stage" is 5-8th grades, and is a time for children to question why all those ideas are that way.
  • The "Rhetoric Stage" is 9-12th grades, and it is when a young adult learns to express all the things he has learned in a clear way.

A popular book by Susan Wise Bauer has become the modern classical education bible. It is called Well Trained Mind. In it, students study physics in 4th, 8th and 12th grades. Physics covers the study of matter and its motion, and energy and force. Included in these are the study of magnetism, light, air, sound, simple machines and electricity. 

Whether or not your student is in physics right now, you can go to Austin Children's Museum at 201 Colorado Street until May 22 and enjoy a Feature Exhibit called Air Fair. Prices for those over the age of 12 months ranges from $4.50 to $6.50. 

Homeschooling on a budget? The Austin Children's Museum is open 10-5 weekdays, but... 

Wednesdays from 5-8 admission is by donation.

Sundays there is no admission from 4-5 pm! Park at quarter till and enjoy the museum for an hour.


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