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Supperhero for iPhone & iPad

On first inspection, you may think of Supperhero to be another generic mobile game for iOS and Android - however, if you thought that, you would be incorrect. See, Supperhero is extremely unique - combining immense skills and crazy dynamics - mixing elements of Pokemon with the battle style of games such as Plants vs Zombies.

Fridges all across the world have turned bad - creating evil monsters, protecting themselves from ‘Supperheroes’ - produced by the good fridges of the world, designed to battle these fridges. As you play, you upgrade your Supperheroes with new armor and level them up - what’s more, you earn coins to keep your heroes fighting fit!

The battle elements of Supperhero are extremely addictive and will keep you hooked for hours on end - work your way through the map, featuring 99 levels, each one with a new challenge to face. You unlock more Supperheroes when you play and get to visit the ‘Suppermarket’ to unlock so much more.

Supperhero is perfect for fans of Pokemon and other battle games - build your formation and put different heroes into play during a battle - once the enemy fridge is empty, you have won!

Drag players onto enemies and eliminate them - Supperhero’s immense single player mode is immersive and fun - but Multiplayer further distances it from what you would come to expect from mobile games of today - play against your friends and family on iOS or Android and battle them to the death - Supperhero requires strategy and a plan to fight your way through the levels - it’s exciting, challenging and crazy!

Use the Fortune Cookery and win new Supperhereos, in Supperhero, building your army is one of the most important things you can do. Levels adapt, with ice levels and so much more - you will discover new surprises and fun gameplay unlike anything you have ever experienced before! Heroes will sometimes fight back - defending themselves against attacks and sometimes even defeating the enemy entirely. Some Supperheroes such as Pea attack from afar - keeping them away from the real fight, allowing you to damage your enemies without being near them. Heroes can be leveled up nine times, to become Level 10 ultimately.

Overall, Supperhero is a game that everyone can enjoy - it features short battles that keep the gameplay moving fast and a leveling system that keeps everything feeling new and fresh. If you like games such as Pokemon, you will love Supperhero.



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