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Supper Suite by STK hosts 'Third Person' reception and more

Paul Haggis' "Third Person" Film Pre-Premiere Party At Supper Suite By STK Hosted With Fiji Water And Dobel Tequila
Paul Haggis' "Third Person" Film Pre-Premiere Party At Supper Suite By STK Hosted With Fiji Water And Dobel Tequila
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Yesterday on May 7, 2014 the STK in the Meatpacking District hosted a preview of its signature dishes along with its spring cocktails. Chef Anthony Fuscow was on hand. We sampled truffle pecorino, ginger, hazelnut, and spiced yogurt kale salad. Guests also enjoyed grilled baby octopus accompanied by spring vegetable ragu and spicy broth. Another highlight was the seared scallops with pancetta, fava beans, and pickled rhubarb. The wayu beef accompanied a "special" sauce was also popular. The Strawberry Cobbler quenched guests' thirst. It is made of belvedere, muddled strawberries, simple syrup and sour mix.

We also learned more about Supper Suite by STK, which is an intimate pop up event that takes place at STK restaurants across the nation. We learned that Drake Bell, Jonathan Groff, Emile Hirsch, John Leguizamo, Rose McGowan, AnnaSophia Robb, were all spotted at STK DC this past weekend. The exceptional evening of food and beverages was helmed by STK DC chef Marc Hennessy. FIJI Water, Maestro Dobel Tequila, and Blue Moon Brewing also supported the event.

During the Tribeca Film Festival, we attended the Supper Suite by STK reception for "Third Person." Joining Haggis at the party were Sting, Griffin Dunne, Willem Dafoe, director Alex Gibney, and Tiffany Chen, along with Sony Pictures Classics co-presidents Michael Barker and Tom Bernard. Sting graciously took fan photos. We had the opportunity to exclusively interview director Paul Haggis about his new film out June 20.

What inspired the script?

Two things: Questions about love and relationships, things that I couldn't work out. I wanted to write about things I don't understand, so I thought relationships, that's something that I don't understand. But also I wanted to write about the greater process itself. What we kill to create, what we have to sacrifice to create. So those are the things that got me started.

What do you love about interwoven story lines?

This is the second one, I love multiple story lines, I just steal from Altman who was the genius who did it the best. I like being able to address themes with different characters, this one there were three ideas on how to deal with an impossible person. I played them out in three different scenarios.

Can you talk about the cast? You have an incredible ensemble.

Amazing cast. Liam Neeson, I've worked with twice now whom I just love and adore. Olivia Wilde, it was my third time working with her, Mila Kunis, my first time. I actually thought she was wrong for the role but then we sat down and had lunch and I thought "Oh no, you're perfect for the role." James Franco, was amazing, I offered him the script, he said yes, I said which role, and he said "whatever role you want" and so I chose for him. Adrien Brody, who I also thought was wrong for the role, because I thought he was just too much of a lady's man, and he convinced me that he could play it. So I loved being surprised by those things. Moran Atias, who I co-produce who helped me give out all the scripts, plays the gypsy and then Maria Bello, is an old friend who I've worked with for a long time. Kim Basinger, I hadn't thought of for a while, and someone suggested her and I thought "Oh yeah she's fabulous!" I'm very happy how this all came together.

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