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Superstitions of Each Sign of the Zodiac

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Superstitious persons see a bad omen in every black cat which crosses their path, every ladder they may accidentally walk under, every Friday the 13th of the year, and in the Halloween celebrations. Each Sun sign of the zodiac tends to have its superstitions, so let's take a look at them in the following paragraphs, discovering the fears of each sign.

The leading spirit which characterizes almost all Aries people makes it difficult for them to feel at ease when having their view blocked by anyone and anything. Those born under this sign may think that sitting behind someone at the cinema or getting caught in a slow waiting line at the supermarket brings bad luck.

Taurus individuals seek to enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer, so don’t be surprised if your Taurus friend considers that having ice cream in the house at all times is actually something of paramount importance. A Taurus may perceive a lack of chocolate as being truly terrifying, so they will rush out to the nearest shop in order to avoid catastrophe.

The common superstition spread among many Geminis could actually be considered a modern-day phobia: they firmly believe that not using up all their monthly cell phone minutes can bring about an overwhelming amount of bad luck. Keeping in touch with friends and family is very important for this sign due to their talkative nature.

People born under this sign are collectors at heart. Cancer individuals tend to put in a special box childhood-related objects which most of us would qualify as trash in a second. One of the reasons why they keep everything is that throwing anything out could bring bad luck – at least that’s what this sign believes. In the closets and drawers of Cancer people you will find true buried treasures.

Leos love being the center of attention, attracting the looks of others and being remembered long after that. For Leos not remembering someone’s name is one of their worst nightmares. It's not just that this would be considered bad manners, but more importantly it would bring bad luck. This is why most Leos are like walking Christmas-lists – they remember any person they’ve ever come across, regardless of the length of their interaction.

Given that Virgos are perfectionists, trying to get everything done as close to perfection as possible, ensures their status as pros in superstitions. They may say to their defense that they’re only being practical, but don’t be fooled. Virgos may perceive any disturbance or change to their usual routine as a nightmare. Each and every single thing must be put in its rightful place and clothes must be perfectly aligned in order to avoid bad luck.

Peace and harmony are essential for any Libra person, reason why many of those born under this sign are willing to change themselves – particularly in romantic relationships – in order to keep those around them happy. Generally speaking, Libras think that their future lives will be reserved for their eternal punishment if they forget to cherish and keep safe their dear ones.

Scorpios are among those who believe in the unknown, in the metaphysical, and in the mystical powers in the universe. Karma is yet another familiar concept for them, everything they do being a determining factor in how their lives will unfold – either to their benefit or against them. For Scorpios, anything – regardless how small – can be an omen, a sign that dangerous things are to happen.

People born under this sign are all about taking risks and they never shy away from a challenge. However, they are probably among the most superstitious signs of the zodiac. They have a long list of superstitions, ranging from not touching certain animals on important days to avoiding green clothes on weekends.

Capricorns are not the superstitious type. Paradoxically, they believe that hanging out with a superstitious person can bring them bad luck, so they will try really hard to avoid them. Unfortunately for Capricorns, they are like magnets for the superstitious people – they’ll accidentally walk in places where there’s talk of metaphysical powers and Hindu temples.

Considering that Aquarians are the eccentrics of the zodiac, following any rule brings bad luck. If they're playing a "Name 10 Things"-game, they will name eleven; keeping track of taxes, regularly paying a visit to the dentist, and carrying identification papers when driving are all sure sources of bad energy and circumstances.

Pisces individuals are superstitious about anything and everything. Rainy days? Check. Black cats? Check. Stepping on cracks in the sidewalk? Check. Breaking mirrors, putting their socks on the wrong foot, walking under a ladder - anything you can think of is already on the list of those quirky people.



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