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Superstitions about the days of the week

We sometimes don't think too much about the days of the week unless we're making plans on that day. Well the days of the week are also stepped in some folklore, we all know about Friday the 13th, but the others days also have their own legends behind them.

Let's begin:

  • It brings you bad luck if you cut your nails on Thursday.
  • If you cut your nails on Sunday, you'll get the plague. (A little harsh!)
  • If you were born on a Saturday, you'll have good luck.
  • You'll get bad luck if you fish on Sunday.
  • It gives you good luck to start a new job on Monday.
  • It is unlucky to meet a left-handed person on Tuesday.
  • If you hurt your foot on Monday, it won't get better till Sunday.
  • Good luck to wear a new dress on Sundays.
  • If you sew on Sunday, you'll die on Monday. (Another harsh one!)
  • Wednesday is a lucky day for collecting Monday.
  • Don't comb your hair on Thursday.
  • Eggs laid on Friday, never decay.
  • Wednesday is a luckiest day to get married.
  • Do not wash your face on Friday.
  • You must not bake a cake on Saturday.
  • The sun always shines on Saturday.
  • If you work on Sunday, you'll be sick on Monday.
  • If you're moving anytime soon, it's supposedly luck to move on Sunday.
  • Of course another legend tells us, that it's bad luck to move on Sunday.
  • If you have company on Monday, you will have company every day in the week.
  • Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.

So that's just a sample of superstitions that are part of the days of the week. It might answer some of you questions on why you're having bad luck or why today is a great day. Feel free to share some of your favorite superstitions that are about the days of the week.


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