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Superstitions about the common practice of sleeping

Sleep, we all do it one point doing the day. This common practice has its own superstitions behind it. Many superstitions behind sleep deal with getting bad luck.

So here's a small list of superstitions that surround this nightly habit:

  • Never sleep with your head toward the east.
  • If you lie your head toward the fire, you will be very ill.
  • It will bring you bad luck if you go to bed by going over the foot-board.
  • If you go to bed very happy, you will wake up ill! (Sounds kind of sad)
  • If you laugh in bed, you'll wake up crying the next morning.
  • Singing in bed gives you bad luck.
  • If you lay an umbrella on the bed, that's bad luck.
  • If you put a broom on the bed, you'll get some nasty bad luck.
  • If you climb over someone in bed, you'll get bad luck.
  • It brings bad luck if three people help to make a bed.
  • Don't whistle in bed, it'll make you cry till you retire again .

So those are some odd superstitions that surround sleeping. Maybe these will make you feel differently before getting ready for bed, because if you don't legend as it you'll have some pretty bad luck.


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