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Superstitions about ghosts and other weird ghastly things

The book "Kentucky Superstitions" by Daniel Lindsey Thomas, Lucy Blayney Thomas, is a must read for those who are interested in reading about superstitions. From reading that book, I've found some superstitions that deal with haunted houses and other ghostly happenings.

  • According to superstitions every neighborhood has one haunted house in it.
  • If a picture falls off the wall that means that your house is indeed haunted.
  • Here's a creepy one, if you bury anything alive it will haunt you.
  • The seventh son in a family is able to see spirits.
  • This is probably the most interesting thing I've read about ghosts, if you shoot at a ghost with a sliver bullet that will get rid of it.
  • This superstition tells us that instead of a cool breeze passing, a warm breeze passing a house means that there is a ghost roaming around.
  • To frighten ghosts away when you meet them, cross the left thumb over the index finger, draw a long breath and yell, "Skip-i-to!"
  • There is a spirit that is called a "Happen," it's a spirit that knocks somewhere in the house, meaning that someone in that house is about to die.
  • There is a superstition in the book that tells that ghosts are just dissatisfied people. That's not so superstitious, since most people believe that ghosts come back because of something that happened during their lives. That is if you believe in ghosts!
  • The last one is another crazy one, you can frighten a ghost with burning rubber.

So that's ten superstitions about haunted houses, ghosts, and how to get rid of the spirits in your home. Maybe some of these superstitions have some creepy truth to them. It all depends on what you believe is fact or fiction. Some people see ghosts have superstitions, just horror stories, while others feel they are real, that they are spirits needing help to get to the other-side. Whatever side one picks, one has to admit that these superstitions are interesting and some are just quite weird. The weirdest one is the silver bullet, that's just saying you can not only get rid of a werewolf with them, but ghosts too!

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